Product Review

Cosmetic Brand: Sacha Cosmetics

Product Name: Cream to Powder Foundation

Personal Shade: Perfect Spice

Price:$TT34.99 ($US5.56)

Available at:, Sacha Image Centers, Pennywise Cosmetics( nationwide)

I've been using this foundation about 2 years now, since I've taken a real interest in the makeup thing. I love it! I find that it goes on very well with excellent coverage. It comes in a mirrored compact with a small square sponge applicator. I like that the sponge has its own storage compartment under the foundation pan. This way the sponge doesn't pick up extra product when not in use.

What I also like that you dont need to apply alot on your face and it also doesnt look like your are wearing makeup. Some of the other brands that I have tried over the years have that feature to them, they tend to "look" like you're is wearing tons of makeup! Sacha also features foundation for a variety of dark skin tones, so that its likely that you will find a shade for you. 

♥ Dramah

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