Makeup Review Series: Sacha Cosmetics.

Since it is my intention to feature products and reviews of products on this here blog, I decided to go right ahead and jump in the deep end. Plus I just needed to get my mind off of all theSummit mumbo jumbo! Ok so here goes without further ado, I commence my Makeup Review Series featuring all the brands that have made some sort of contact with my face since May 2008. On my youtube channel I have a short video of my makeup collection (at that time, it has been updated since then) feel free to check it out.

For those of you who are my subscribers on youtube, you will know that my makeup of choice by
far is Sacha Cosmetics. By 'choice' I mean a number of things. Firstly, where I live in Trinidad and Tobago (2 islands 1 country) all the top of the line makeup brands as well as the cheaper stuff is readily available so that we have alot to choose from and because of this allowed to choose wisely. I have chosen Sacha as my favorite brand to use beacuse it is cheap, reliable and readily available. I use most of their products: foundation, eyeshadow, blush and liquid eyeliner. I will be doing reviews on these products seperately. According to their website, Sacha boasts "Makeup for Exotic Skin Tones" with "yellow based foundations" that "will fit like a second skin". They have received such accalades as the official cosmetics of the 1999 Miss Universe pageant and the 2000 and 2001 Miss USA Pageants.

Since I first started wearing makeup in my early teens, I have worn sacha cosmetics. Since then
I have tried a number of other brands but have always gone back to my beloved Sacha. In my opinion, this cosmetic line is second to none! Their eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, their foundations over excellent coverage and truely cater to every skin tone under the Caribbean Sun. The line caters to every type of makeup lover or none lover as the case maybe, from neutrals to bright eyepopping carnival favourites. Their products are available for purchase online and they do ship Internationally.

Locally, their products are available at Pennywise Cosmetic Stores nationwide. They also have their own Sacha Stores or Image Centres in West Mall, Gulf City Mall and Wrightson Road PoS, similar to the popular MAC stores in the US. At the Sacha Stores items are higher priced, but all their products are available there. I have been to an Image Centre once and it seems to be tailored to suit the makeup fanatic! Its a flurry of colours and products on display urging you to buy just about one of everything! Available at the Images Centres are the professional pallettes,
professional brushes and also the smaller consumer pallettes. The Image Centres are manned by company trained professionals who are friendly courteous and know their stuff! One look at me and she could tell me what products to buy for a complete makeup look! They themselves have their faces well done so that the products are on a live display and flawlessly done too! Unlike other brands though Sacha does not have its own line of fake eyelashes. This is one product I would love to see added to its top of the line arsenal.

The second installment of my Makeup Review Series will feature the Sacha Cosmetics Cream to Powder Foundation.

♥ Dramah

Image provided by Sacha Cosmetics.