Face Art??

Makings of a portfolio...

Yay me! I'm really getting into the whole makeup artist thing! Like I serious?! LOL! Well I am and two weeks ago I began putting together my portfolio. I organised a trade-for-prints shoot with a photog friend of mine, Robert Lander. We did the shoot at my house in like two hours. Thanks to my friends who were able to participate, thanks for all the support! Here are just two of the many wonderful pictures we were able to produce. These were photoshopped by another amazingly talented friend, Rafx Illustrations:


By the way what y'all think of the new banner?

The banner was subsequently removed.....soon after the post(04.01.10)


Found this on another website, its sooo badass I just had to share it with y'all!!!

Them earrings are off the chain!!(pun intended)


Buh wait!! check out de whole outfit!! home girl serious??? She need to come home to the Caribbean to realign herself, because clearly "she jump out she self!!!" HUH! her grandmother must be waiting to take a guava whip to her behind!

Next featured makeup look

The poll is now closed for the next featured makeup look. With an overwhelming total of 8 votes all together. I thank those of you who voted. The winning look will be posted by week's end! Have a great week!


Revlon Sale - small haul

Hola beautiful people! So I just got back from the revlon sale just now and I only got a few items. Firstly, earlier on this week I had all but resigned myself to not going to the sale in the first place! Funds just weren't coming in and it didn't look like they would, however at the last minute I was able to get 'a lil sumthin'. Whoo! thankfully! Anyhoo so I got to the sale about 20 minutes before they closed the cashier!!! SO with limited funds and limited time I was able to get only 3 eyeshadows and one blush! All those bargains!! hmmm..sigh! Here's what I bought:

Revlon make a sheen eyeshadow in 'Express'O yourself'
'Olive it up'
'Plum like it hott'

Revlon A floral affair blush in 'Peachy Keen'

I am really disappointed that I wasn't able to get more but sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles! Sorry I don't have swatches to show you but my camera sucks a$%! I'll post some pics of the products soon!

I will do a review on them as soon I have experienced them all. As always thanks for reading and all the support. Look out for youtube videos coming soon. Those of you who have not yet subsribed go to the link in the side bar-------------------->
Ciao bellas!