Weekly Dose 3: ANTM Pill

Ok for the longest while the poll (check it in the sidebar) has only three votes!! Come on people HAVE YOUR SAY! Is it that none of the choices tickle your fancy?? Is there some other look that you would like to see attempted? I'm willing to put in the work to do the look so I can tell you guys the easiest way to achieve it! So hit me up let me know what's up! Cool?

Also I missed ANTM this week, Wednesday night, I was super sleepy! I caught it on Sunday but I missed the end! So I don't know who went home!! damn! Somebody hit me up! Anyhoo, from what i saw this week was a Carmen Miranda themed photo shoot. Its a nice them but the models either were too much into the character or not quite there. Allison had a good week for a change, she actually smiled in her photo! shocking!!

As far as the makeup and fashion this week the costumes were very bright and really colourful with the fruit basket as the headpiece. However I half expected the makeup to be just as bright and to me it wasn't...so I was a little disappointed but not mare than not knowing who went home!! I wanna know!!...huh lets see if its on you tube yet! Ciao bellas!

♥ Dramah

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