Weekly dose 2: ANTM pill

heyyy! lol! so we back again with another dosage of ANTM medicine! Lord knows I've been illin'! Last nights show was good...just good, not too outstanding. The models had good days an d bad days, last night was London's bad day! Poor thing! She gained weight! oh no! Now we know this issue opens up a whole new can of worms, but we will try to remain focused! Too bad for London last nights photo shoot had the models in an outfit that was not at all becoming on her new figure. Don't get me wrong! The girl is stunning! Her face, her eyes are absolutely gorgeous! However as a model you are required to remain at a certain standard ( and I'm just spit balling here because I'm not now nor I have I ever been a model...my figure definitely wouldn't permit it!). Then there is the standard of the show to consider. The creators of the show have sought to build in into a brand, a gold standard for the modeling world...a "fat" model?! how dare she! Like Jay Manuel emphasized she is too petite to be considered plus size. And there it was with those words her faith was all but sealed. Had she actually been taken to Brazil (Brazil bitches ahhh!) with the other girls I for one would have been extremely shocked. The show is not in the least predictable but that would have been a shocker!
The makeup as always was stunning! Last night's shoot featured what looked to be a sexy sultry yet bold smokey eye in black. To me this sort of look really draws attention to the eye, the face and as such the girls really had to bring it to match their face with what their bodies had to do to exhibit the theme of the photo - "crazed fan tied up in microphone wire"(...who comes up with this stuff??) The smokey eye is just about the easiest, simplest most achievable makeup. It can be made 'most dramatic' with a stunning lip or left to be a dramatic stand alone with a matte/neutral lip. Visit my youtube channel (link is in the right side bar) to view my video on how to achieve a smokey eye and check out the educational playlist for videos from other youtubers.

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