ANTM pill

Hey Ladies!
So I'm having my weekly dose of ANTM!(Americas Next Top Model) Besides all the drama of having 10+ females in the same house, its a good way to get an insight into the whole modelling, fashion and makeup industry. That show exposes you to every aspect of "the business". This week the girls are doing their Cover Girl ads, so we get to see their newest product being advertised and used on the models. This is good to see because we can sorta glimpse how the foundation (their new mineral foundation) looks on vary skin tones as applied by professionals! During the show they also run ads of the newest products already available for purchase. They showed us the former winner McKey having her makeup done by the shows head makeup artist...whose name has escaped me right now! Anyhoo! he applies the most electric blue eyeshadow I've ever seen! GORGEOUS! It was a single blue CoverGirl eyeshadow...doing some research to get the name right now...
Watching this show has been truely beneficial to me in the past, helping to fuel my passion and inspo! Oh! if only I could work on those models! AHHH! I'm gonna get there!
So check out Antm! you'll be hip to all the latest makeup an fashion trends in no time!

♥ Dramah


  1. I missed the episode tonight, but I'll catch the rerun on Friday. Maybe you can do a post on your favorite makeup products and let readers like me know what products are worth a try? :D

  2. ok cool be sure to check it out! it was some good stuff!